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Running a business is hard work. Managing your LMS shouldn’t be.

We know that success starts by empowering people with the skills and knowledge they need to learn, grow, and thrive as professionals. YesLMS makes it easy to train your workforce with a streamlined and incredibly intuitive platform that’s perfect for both emerging and established businesses. And our fully accessible design ensures you’re supporting every individual equally.

Onboard New Employees
Optimize onboarding and new hire orientations with customizable courses to fit your organization’s needs.

Invest In Your Workforce
Create engaging learning experiences that support employee development, skill building, and knowledge management.

Scale As You Grow
Enjoy the flexibility to customize your learning experience and scale as you grow. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Success Stories From Our Customers

YesLMS is great! It’s simple to use yet intuitive and gives you the ability to easily create customized training or upload premade videos and documents as well as track training history for a fraction of the cost of their competition. If that wasn’t enough, their customer service has always been extremely responsive, friendly, and helpful. YesLMS was an instrumental tool in helping Octopi achieve our GFSI certification (Global Food Safety Initiative), and we appreciate them immensely!

Octopi Brewing

Ben Puls
Compliance Manager
The YesLMS platform is not only designed with accessibility in mind, but new users have an effortless and intuitive experience creating specific topics for various audiences of all abilities. It is a cost-effective solution you can implement to improve training outcomes and build training capacity, educational products, and resources in your organization.

University of Washington: UW Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation

YesLMS gives us the gift of time. It has all the fundamental courses needed (and then some) when onboarding new hires. We created a robust onboarding program that allows our training team to focus on practicing what they have learned. With the fundamentals covered in the on-demand courses, it gives us the freedom to focus on mastery of skill and to build other needed areas of content specific to our state and our case management system.

Michigan Rehabilitative Services

We have worked with YesLMS over the past two years, and their LMS has fulfilled our accessibility needs perfectly! We are excited to recommend YesLMS for anyone creating online learning modules that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone!

Helen Keller National Center

Deborah Harlin
Professional Development Director

Explore How We Elevate Learning For Business

Businesses thrive when people are supported with resources for growth. This LMS for businesses makes it easy for employers to train employees online. Our efficient, cloud-based LMS software is budget-friendly and easy to implement. We’ll develop an implementation plan that meets your goals and timelines, and provides you with 24/7 support.

Accessibility First

Democratize learning with barrier-free education and training opportunities for all users.

Intuitive Design

Start creating content in minutes with our easy-to-master LMS interface.

Easy to Use

Create content, assign courses, and track the progress of your workforce.

LMS + Conference Platform

Platform doubles as a meeting platform. Run your meetings and hybrid trainings directly through our LMS.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Platform

Platform-agnostic design delivers a unified experience across all devices, including mobile.

Cloud-Based Technology

Say goodbye to storage and IT overhead costs, and get immediate updates as soon as they’re released.


Services available in English, Spanish, French, and Brazilian-Portuguese. Need another language? Let us know.

24/7 Support

Responsive and friendly support helps you to resolve issues whenever they occur.

Robust Reporting and Management

Manage learning with fine-grained access control and collect data with reporting tools that help you to make meaningful decisions.

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YesLMS Makes it easy.
Our platform is fully cloud-based, flexible, easy to use and created to design and implement courses that encourage new skills and new results.learn how you can make your Learning Management System help your people learn better forever.
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Frequently Asked Questions about:
For Business
How long does it take to master the YesLMS platform?

YesLMS is incredibly intuitive, and you can begin developing your own content within minutes. Each of our clients will receive a free onboarding session with our Tech Wrangler. They will make sure you are confident using YesLMS, even if you have little to no previous experience with an LMS. Your personalized tech wrangler will remain available to you via email or phone if you have any questions.

Are YesLMS courses customizable?

YesLMS courses are customizable. Our team will work with you to match your personal platform and courses to your brand. Your employees won't even realize they've gone off your site.

What reporting capabilities does YesLMS have?

Administrators can easily track the progress of individual users across available courses and view analytic reports on the platform.

Is YesLMS mobile-friendly?

Yes, YesLMS offers a mobile-friendly platform.

Does YesLMS create an inclusive experience for those with cognitive, mobility, visual, and/or auditory disabilities?

Yes! YesLMS was designed to provide an inclusive experience for those with cognitive, mobility, visual, and/or auditory disabilities.

How does YesLMS comply with accessibility standards?

We exceed the required online accessibility standards set forth in the WCAG and ADA Compliance Guidelines, and we have multiple steps in place to make sure all of our content and interfaces are able to be interpreted by people with visual, auditory, cognitive, and other disabilities.

Does YesLMS include reporting tools that detect accessibility issues?

Yes, our text editor does. Accessibility tips are available throughout the platform as well.

How is YesLMS optimized for assistive technologies like screen readers?

All of our visual content is paired with alt-text descriptions for screen reader users.

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technology includes items like screen readers that help users with disabilities navigate the physical and digital worlds.

What is inclusive design? What does inclusive mobile web mean?

Inclusive design is when a product's structure or features are usable by people of all backgrounds and abilities. Inclusive mobile web is similar in that it requires the mobile version of a site, app, or platform to be usable by those same people.

Why do I need an accessible LMS platform?

Just as you wouldn't discriminate against a potential employee because of a disability during your hiring process, you can't discriminate against current employees by not accommodating them during a training session. An accessible LMS ensures that each employee of yours is able to use and understand all of the online content required.

What are YesLMS' platform-specific accessibility features?

Accessible themes with multiple background color variations.Responsive Layout that allows for increase and decrease of the text source without breaking the Layout. Screen reader support that allows for the conversion of written text into audio. Keyboard navigation with shortcut links to facilitate users navigation.Image descriptions that allow people with visual impairments to understand the context of the images.Accessible registration form, discussion forum, quizzes, and technical support.

How does YesLMS assist people with vocational rehabilitation?

The people behind YesLMS have also developed YesVR, courses specifically created for vocational rehabilitation programs across the US. We are constantly developing new courses that are available for current YesVR customers, free of charge.

Who do I contact for help?

YesLMS offers 24/7 customer support on our main site, but you can always reach out to your Tech Wrangler for help.

What language options does YesLMS have?

Currently, we offer English, Spanish, French, and Brazilian-Portuguese. Need another language? Let us know.

What is Yes-Conference?

Yes-Conference is a feature we offer all of our LMS clients free of charge. Yes-Conference can be used to host live events and meetings all on one platform. Our team will work with you to make your events accessible and personalized.

Does YesLMS offer a demo?

Yes, you can contact us today for a free demo.

How much does an LMS cost?

LMS pricing depends on what the user wants to get from the platform. Contact us today for an estimate!

Is there a high learning curve for YesLMS?

Nope! Learners and Instructors will feel confident using YesLMS in very little time. Instructors can begin creating content right away while earners can focus on learning your content, not on learning the platform.

What is a cloud-based LMS?

A cloud-based LMS doesn't require any external storage. All of your data is stored in a digital cloud, making it easily accessible for your employees from anywhere with an internet connection.

Does YesLMS offer K-12 education?

We do not offer K-12 education, but we do offer LMS capabilities for government, non profits, and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Is YesLMS easy to use?

Yes! YesLMS was designed with ease-of-use in mind. It was created for people with various types of disabilities, meaning that it is intuitive for all users.

What is a learning management system?

A learning management system (or LMS) is an online platform various types of businesses (non profits, educational institutions, government, etc) can use to host their own custom educational material such as employee training courses.

Still have questions?

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