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Employee Training

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Training Anytime, Anywhere — For Anyone

Your workforce is great. We want to help make it even better. Employee training infuses your organization with new knowledge. By building a culture of learning, organizations and employees grow together through mutual investment.

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The YesLMS platform is not only designed with accessibility in mind, but new users have an effortless and intuitive experience creating specific topics for various audiences of all abilities. It is a cost-effective solution you can implement to improve training outcomes and build training capacity, educational products, and resources in your organization.

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YesLMS gives us the gift of time. It has all the fundamental courses needed (and then some) when onboarding new hires. We created a robust onboarding program that allows our training team to focus on practicing what they have learned. With the fundamentals covered in the on-demand courses, it gives us the freedom to focus on mastery of skill and to build other needed areas of content specific to our state and our case management system.

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We have worked with YesLMS over the past two years, and their LMS has fulfilled our accessibility needs perfectly! We are excited to recommend YesLMS for anyone creating online learning modules that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone!

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Educated Employees Grow Organizations

Skill Development

Boost performance and productivity with training that targets the skills your organization and employees need. 

Compliance Training

Ensure employees are trained to comply with industry-specific standards and procedures.

Employee Satisfaction

Retain employees and attract top talent by investing in training programs that advance careers and satisfy professional goals.


YesLMS Helps Your Employees Thrive


Intuitive design allows employees to spend more time engaging with training and building their skills.


Fully inclusive training platform ensures all users have access to the resources and education opportunities they need to succeed.

Ease of management

Get set up quickly so employees can start learning today with our cloud-based platform that lets you create and edit content in minutes.

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Learn more about Employee Onboarding

Learn more about our approach to employee onboarding with our FREE Employee Onboarding Ebook.

Want to know how to take your new hires and transform them into top-performing team members? We break down the employee onboarding process step by step, so you can learn how to empower your employees and prepare them to be a contributing member of your team.

Prepare yourself for the onboarding process

Set the stage for a positive experience, ensuring that employees feel welcomed, informed, and supported from day one.

Discover the value of incorporating an LMS

Promote faster integration, enhance job satisfaction, and increase productivity with your new hires.

Receive onboarding and performance evaluation templates

Having your own set of written guidelines for your business makes expectations clear from the start for your team.

Learn how to foster an educated workforce that aligns with your values.


Frequently Asked Questions about:
Employee Training
Can I create custom reports, dashboards, and graphic reports?

Of course! You have complete freedom to create custom reports, dashboards, and graphic reports! Sign up for a demo for more information.

Does YesLMS have video conferencing integration?

YesLMS has Zoom embedded in the platform, “live meetings” can be added to courses as easily as adding a lesson or quiz

Can I send out or recieve due date notifications?

Absolutely! As an instructor, you can set due dates and both learners and instructors can choose whether they would like to receive notifications.

What is continuing education?

Continuing education is a form of adult education that enables lifelong learning. Many people seek further education, whether it be for their personal interests, ongoing training opportunities, or the need to develop a new skill to change careers or increase their salaries. For more information, check out our blog!

What are the benefits of continuing education?

Learning management systems serve as an invaluable tool for employers to develop new skills through continuing education, attract new employees, and retain talent. For more information, check out our blog!

Can I automate certification with YesLMS?

Yes, you can! All certifications can be automated, saving you time and effort.

Does YesLMS provide mobile learning?

Of course! At YesLMS, we believe learning should be easy and accessible everywhere with mobile responsiveness.

How can I track learning progress and skills development?

YesLMS makes it easy to track learning progress and skills development. Training progress is automatically recorded and can be viewed by instructors at any time.

Is YesLMS a cloud based learning management system? What is a cloud based learning management system?

Absolutely! Cloud-based learning management systems are hosted on a remote server and accessed via the internet. YesLMS is a fully cloud-based LMS, making learning flexible, easy, and always accessible.

How can my organization reduce employee turnover?

To win the talent war, companies are rethinking their recruitment practices to appeal to the new generation of employees. Companies that invest in learning management systems like YesLMS are proven to have higher retention rates and engagement rates.

Can I sell my e-learning content through YesLMS?

Yes! YesLMS has ecommerce integration through PayPay and As a Primary Administrator of the platform, you can add your preferred payment option and set prices to the courses you create.

How is e learning beneficial in corporate training?

E-learning is extremely beneficial for corporate training as it allows learners to develop new skills quickly and on their own time. Further, the content only needs to be developed one time, which saves time for managers.

What is corporate learning and development?

Corporate learning and development is the creation, application, and/or investment in training and learning for employees to improve efficiency, productivity, or abilities.

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