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We LOVE Demos!

Published on
October 8, 2021
Florencio Stiedemann
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At YesLMS, we LOVE demos!


We understand why most people don’t.

Most demos are boring and drone on about features that most people will never use and couldn’t care less about. And that’s after a lecture about the history of the world and life story of the founders.

We also believe that the way a relationship starts is a good sign of what’s to come.

Generic demo -> generic customer support.

“Me! Me! Me!” -> It’s still going to be about “me” after you become MY customer!    

And a cluttered demo often precedes a confusing, frustrating experience once you’re “on your own.”

That’s even more challenging when you need a tool to get things done.

A Learning Management System should be a powerful resource for organizations to support the learning needs of their teams.

It’s often not.

Most organizations who already have an LMS use only a portion of its features.    

A colleague once said, “It’s just like our people themselves - so much potential untapped.”

We disagree. Most people struggle to awaken more potential because they are overwhelmed with too many options.

We all struggle when we have too many choices (and there’s some good science to suggest this is true). Good salespeople and leaders definitely know offering too many choices is a recipe for indecision and often dissatisfaction (“Maybe I should have gone with option B… Or C… Or…”).

Your organization has a mission. If that mission is serious that means the consequences of success are significant. And so are the consequences of failure.    

The more serious the potential consequences, the more we want a proven system to guide us forward. We don’t want options - we want proven steps to a solution.    

That’s why YesLMS loves demos!

We don’t do generic walkthroughs of software. We don’t have feature videos.    

Why not? Everybody else does.

We do our competitive research - like we know we’re all supposed to.

And we’ve actually heard things like, “Just watch our video first before you schedule time to talk.”

We take that to mean, “We don’t want to waste our time telling you about the features of our product. We’d rather have you figure out what you want and see if what we will give you is a good fit.”


Can you imagine what it’s like to be one of their customers?

Have you ever seen the acronym RTFM?

It stands for “Read The F&@#ing Manual!”


We had another chat agent tell us, “We handle all of the generic things you would expect from an LMS.”

We can’t be sure if they were smiling (it was just a chat session after all) but our guess is they thought that being generic was a good thing.

We don’t.

Another told us they have a “smorgasbord” of features to cover “just about anything.”


Your organization isn’t generic. You don’t have off-the-shelf problems. So we don’t want to waste your time with off-the-shelf, generic “solutions.”

No software is going to help your team achieve their potential. A smorgasbord of options isn’t going to lead to confidence in a path to move your mission forward.

When you do a demo with YesLMS it’s all about YOU!    

Your mission. Your goals, Your needs. Your organization. Your unique situation.

That’s why we do research on your business to create a custom demo experience for you.    

And during the demo, YesLMS will show you everything YOU want to see. We will show you how our system will help your organization accomplish their goals.

We know we’ve done a great demo, when you tell us:

“This is perfect for us!”


“We want to work with you.”

Everything else is great like, “Your system is beautiful! We love that it does X, Y and Z! You’re so smart!” (We’re happy to hear those things too :).

But until we hear, “Your software and your team are right for us,” we will keep working until we get there.


And, just like the demo, you know what comes next will be in the same spirit.

If you want more than a generic system, YesLMS would LOVE to do a customized demo for you.  

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