Tailored State VR Education

YesVR is a unique professional education product offered exclusively to state VR programs

Do You...

  • Want top quality vocational rehabilitation courses delivered on an easy-to-use accessible platform?
  • Need onboarding tools?
  • Operate within a tight budget?
  • Want a solution that’s easy to use with no software to download or maintain?

If so, YesVR is what you’re looking for!

YesVR Combines the Best of What We Have to Offer

YesVR is a combination of our two flagship educational products: YesLMS and VR Development group. Together, we can offer you everything your VR professionals need.


Our learning management system built for everyone

VR Development Group

Our library of courses made for VR professionals by VR professionals

YesVR Platform

YesLMS is our contribution to a more inclusive web. Built with a focus on web accessibility, our hosted learning management system ensures that all learners receive equal access to education, training, and professional development resources.

Create Dynamic Courses

Create your own online courses using our intuitive course building tools. Within minutes, your training personnel can begin building courses specifically for your agency. Your branded media can be embedded in courses, you can include quizzes and tests, manage assignments, and host live Zoom sessions.

Inclusive Design

The YesLMS platform was built on a foundation that offers FULL accessibility. It’s inclusive to all users, including those with disabilities. Compare our platform to Moodle, Docebo, Canvas, Blackboard or others, and you will see that YesLMS out-performs them all in accessibility.


YesLMS is cloud-based and runs in any modern web browser. There’s no need to install or maintain software. You do not need to install software, apps, extensions or plugins. Your employees can access YesLMS through a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Tailored Branding Solutions

Your agency logo and branding will be applied to your platform by our team, providing an agency- focused experience for your employees.

Host Remote Trainings
and Conferences

With Zoom webinars integrated directly into the YesLMS platform, you can get creative with live training, while keeping all of your continuing education content in one place.
You can run remote meetings and even conferences right in the YesLMS platform.


24/7 user support is offered without additional charge to all of our clients.
Our support folks are kind, patient, and they
understand accessibility.


YesLMS makes it easy to create reports.
You can Monitor employee progress.
Monitor completion by name or by subject.
Monitor number of times course has been accessed by individual or group.
Evaluate your training programs and find areas that may need additional training.

YesVR Online Courses are Unique

No other organization matches our combination of extensive VR subject matter, CRC certificates upon completion, progress reports for administrators, and 24/7 technical support, all at an affordable price. Our courses are continuously updated and include the impact of WIOA and the 2023 CRC Code of Ethics.

VR Insights
Gain an understanding of subjects from a VR perspective
Customized Resources
Receive additional materials and resources specific to each topic
Reflect & Engage
Have an opportunity for active reflection
Hands-on Learning
Practice problem-solving through case studies and quizzes

See Why States Everywhere Are Using YesVR to Empower Their VR Staff

Unlock the potential of VR staff training with YesVR. Discover why states nationwide are adopting this innovative solution for empowering their workforce

Efficient Employee Onboarding and Training

CRC and Certificate of Completion
After successfully completing courses and required quizzes, each participant will receive a CRC Certificate or a certificate or completion. The certificate will be provided electronically for immediate download in a printable PDF format.
Employee Onboarding

Looking for an efficient way to onboard employees? Look no further.

  • 7-part series introducing the VR process
  • 6 courses on the Medical Aspects of Disability
  • Courses on Caseload Management
  • Much more!
Training For Seasoned Employees
  • Courses totalling 18 ethics credits
  • Disability specific training
  • Training that includes the impact of WIOA and more
  • Most content may be altered by your training team to meet your state’s specific needs
New Courses Added at No Additional Cost
Each time the VR Development Group adds a new course to its library, it will be added to your agency library at no additional cost.

YesVR also partners with national organizations, adding additional content at no charge.

Our Story

The VR Development Group (VRDG) began with the mission of providing high quality courses written by experienced vocational rehabilitation professionals.

While searching for a way to deliver our courses we discovered that existing learning management systems (LMSs) weren’t accessible enough. Instead of getting frustrated, we got to work! We founded YesLMS to build an LMS from the ground up, with an unbending focus on maximizing accessibility. By combining the VRDG library of courses with the YesLMS platform, we now offer VR agencies “YesVR.”

Today, thousands of VR professionals at dozens of agencies count on YesVR for training. And we count on them for guidance and inspiration. By constantly soliciting their input, our customers have helped us improve and grow.

Our small, diverse team includes a woman co-owner and a minority co-owner; 1/4 of our team is comprised of people with disabilities.

Learn more about VRDG
YesLMS gives us the gift of time. It has all the fundamental courses needed (and then some) when onboarding new hires. We created a robust onboarding program that allows our training team to focus on practicing what they have learned. With the fundamentals covered in the on-demand courses, it gives us the freedom to focus on mastery of skill and to build other needed areas of content specific to our state and our case management system.
Tammi Williams
PhD, Michigan Rehabilitation Services
I love the VRDG courses. They really are written in a practical way. I can apply what I learned. As a screen reader user, I also enjoy how easy the content is to access. Keep it up!

Shawnese Laury - Johnson
VR Bureau of Blind Services
The YesLMS platform is not only designed with accessibility in mind, but new users have an effortless and intuitive experience creating specific topics for various audiences of all abilities. It is a cost-effective solution you can implement to improve training outcomes and build training capacity, educational products, and resources in your organization.

Susan Dziedzic
Assistant Director, UW CCER

YesVR Courses

YesVR offers an extensive library of nearly 150 courses tailored for VR professionals, written by experts in the field.
  • Courses for new employees to enrich their onboarding experience
  • Content for seasoned employees, providing timely information if needed
  • Courses designed specifically for supervisors and managers
  • Most courses are CRC approved, removing the need for certificate tracking
  • Content can be customized to meet state-specific needs
  • Regular updates and new content additions ensure relevance

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Employment

Supporting the VR Process

Negotiation Skills for Employer Engagement

An Overview of the 2023 Revisions to the CRCC Code of Professional Ethics

Complexities of Ethical Thought

Delving into the 2021 CRC Code of Ethics

Ethics and Case Management

Ethics and Confidentiality

Ethics and Distance Counseling

Ethics for Community Rehab Providers (CRPs)

History of VR

Intro to VR – Case Closure

Intro to VR – Comprehensive Assessment

Intro to VR – Eligibility

Intro to VR – Job Development and Employment Acquisition

Intro to VR – Plan for Employment

Intro to VR Basics

Medical Aspects of Disability – Course 1

Medical Aspects of Disability – Course 2

Medical Aspects of Disability – Course 3

Medical Aspects of Disability – Course 4

Medical Aspects of Disability – Course 5

Civility in the Workplace: The Basics

Managing Difficult Behaviors in the Workplace

Organizational Skills

Productive Disagreement: Leading Difficult Conversations

Transferring Learning into Action

Learning from Disability Specialists in the Corporate World

Making Employment a Reality

Students with Physical & Health Disabilities: IL and Executive Function Skills for College Success

Thinking Ethically: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Universal Design for Learning: Planning Flexible and Inclusive VR Services

Working with Ex-Offenders; Improving Employment Outcomes

IDEA to ADA: The Difference Between High School and College Accommodations

How to Care for Yourself so You Can Help Others

Mindfulness as Self-Care Part 1

Mindfulness as Self-Care Part 2

Appreciative Inquiry

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

From Peer to Manager – Making the Transition Smoothly

Situational Leadership

Succession Planning Part 1: Crisis of Governance

Succession Planning Part 2: Foundation for Success Planning

Succession Planning Part 3: Developing a Plan and Measuring Success

TBI – Changes in Physical Functioning

TBI – Cognitive Effects

TBI – Emotional and Behavioral Effects

TBI – Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosis

An Introduction to Universal Design

Universal Design – Assistive Technology and UDL for Learning

A Taste of Motivational Interviewing

Anger Management

Creative Problem-Solving

Effectively Managing VR Caseloads

Intersecting Identities, Power, Privilege, and Implications for VR

Part I: Critical Thinking in the VR Process: Overview

Part II: Critical Thinking in the VR Process: Interview, Eligibility, and Assignment

Part III: Critical Thinking in the VR Process: Comprehensive Assessment and IPE Development

Part IV: Critical Thinking in the VR Process: Case Documentation

Privacy Rules, VR and HIPAA

Professional Writing and Communication for VR Counselors

Time Management

Trauma Informed Care

VR 101: The Initial Interview

Partner Courses

The following courses are developed and shared through YesVR partnerships and are offered to our customers at no cost.
  • Intro to AIR4VR: History and Spirit of VR
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Pre-ETS: CRCC Code of Ethics 2023
  • Counseling Strategies for Youth with Disabilities
  • Creating Career Pathways-Focused Vocational Plans
  • Introduction to Integrated Resource Teams
  • Meeting the Pre-ETS Needs of Youth with Disabilities – Part 1
  • Meeting the Pre-ETS Needs of Youth with Disabilities – Part 2
  • The Power of Empathy, Values, & Motivation in the VR Process
  • Think Apprenticeship
  • Understanding the NET - National Employment Team
  • WIOA Vision
  • Professional Burnout, Fatigue, and Trauma
  • Understanding Burnout in VR Counselors
  • Disability Language and Etiquette
  • Overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Making an Accessible and Disability-Friendly Business for All
  • Engaging Employers and Others in Supporting Pre-ETS Efforts
  • A Systems Approach to Serving Individuals with Significant Disabilities
  • Clinical Supervision Series: Foundations of Clinical Supervision
  • Clinical Supervision Series: Group Supervision
  • Clinical Supervision Series: Preparing for Individual Supervision
  • Clinical Supervision Series: Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Clinical Supervision Series: Making the Transition to Supervisor
  • Labor Market Information and the VR Process Training Series
  • LGBTQ+ and Disability: Considerations for Working with Clients with Intersecting Identities
  • LGBTQ+ and Disability: Introduction to Working with Clients with Intersecting Identities
  • LGBTQ+ and Disability: Supporting LGBTQ+ Clients
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services – A Meta View
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services Flexibility Based on Notice of Interpretation
  • State and Tribal VR: Partnerships that Allow Students and Youth with Disabilities to Succeed – Part 1
  • State and Tribal VR: Partnerships that Allow Students and Youth with Disabilities to Succeed – Part 2
  • Summit Group Winter Forum: Data Validation
  • The Seven Secrets of Effective Remote Supervision Uncovered
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Understanding Long COVID: Implications for VR Professionals

We put the country’s best training directly on your YesVR platform at no charge. We are committed to improving VR by simplifying access to important education.

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